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Karolina Basque Karolina Basque

Karolina Basque

Regular price $104.50

Sawyer Wired Basque Black

Regular price $104.50

Emerson Basque Black

Regular price $104.50

Thea Wired Basque Black

Regular price $104.50

Angelina Basque Black

Regular price $104.50 Sale price $40.86

If you’re looking to add some structured sophistication to your lingerie wardrobe then look no further than Bluebella’s gorgeous collection of basques. The basque is an exquisite and timeless piece of lingerie, originating like so many good things from France. Originally, basque referred to types of bodices or jackets with long, peplum style tails, with later definitions of a long corset coming closer to modern interpretations of the item. Modern basque lingerie is characterised by a close, contoured fit, extending past the waistline and over the hips, often with suspender straps to facilitate the iconic partnership of exquisite lingerie and stockings.

From totally soft basques to more corset-like creations with wire and slim panels of boning, our range of basque lingerie is chic and elegant. All Bluebella basques take this classic lingerie look and add a contemporary, directional feel, using the softest and most flattering materials in decadent and inspiring designs. All our basque lingerie is finished with adjustable suspender straps, to create a stunning complete look with Bluebella hosiery. Find your perfect basque today and add an indulgent flourish to your lingerie wardrobe.