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Love Your Legs in our Italian Hosiery

Written by - Bluebella
Bluebella's Italian Hosiery - only the best for your legs
To celebrate the wondrousness of Bluebella X Italian yarns we take a little look into the family owned manufacturer we trust with our own hosiery - Gizeta Calze.
The Italian standard when it comes to fashion is known globally as one of excellence, quality and sophistication. From powerful fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbana to the infiltration of leather soled shoes that we’re inclined to associate with the cobbled streets of Milan, Italy is just the place to go when you think of quality - and hosiery is no exception!
Hosiery - Lace-topped Stockings - Black
It's for this very reason that we produce our hosiery exclusively with Gizeta Calze, a family owned manufacturing company that has been operating since 1975. The company was created due to a merging of families with a long history and deep understanding of the art of making hosiery, and that knowledge has only gone from strength to strength.
Whereas those of us familiar with the stories of Robin Hood and the idea of men in tights will know they’ve been a thing spanning centuries, in reality we didn’t see what we consider modern hosiery come into play until the 1920s, where they became a fashion item made of silk or rayon, for the ladies who could afford such an item. It was the 1940s and the production of nylon that really saw tights and stockings become a widespread commodity as an undergarment to provide warmth and, well, a little modesty. 
Aside from its very pragmatic uses, however, hosiery has also become a staple of fashion and continues to help dictate trends. Whether it be purposeful ladders to coincide with the punk scene, bright coloured patterns of the bohemians, or the placement of seams as a hark back to the rockabilly style of the 50s, hosiery still has the power to make or break an outfit, and should be treated with the utmost respect. 
Bluebella hosiery - back-seamed stockings
But to gain respect from ones’ hold ups and stockings they must be made with love and care, which is why we trust the 100 direct employees of Gizete Calze and their background of Italian craftsmanship with our hosiery. Located in three separate buildings in the heart of Italy, the company is responsible for every step of the manufacturing process, including checking the standard of every item that leaves the building.
Bluebella Hosiery Factory - Gizeta Calze
Gizeta Calze
Further, where social responsibility is seeping more and more into our lives and has an impact on the choices we make, we think it’s incredibly important to invest in companies who share the same outlook, and Gizete Calze's high investment in renewable energy furthers our own investment in them.
This is just one of the many positive aspects of this charming company in the country considered the fashion capital of quality - we also love Gizeta Calze because at the end of the day they make amazing garments that continue to be classic and timeless, whilst still at the forefront of fashion.
Bluebella Hosiery
Bluebella is all about sensual sexuality and empowerment of women and our hosiery ticks all of these boxes. From hold ups to stockings and whether they’re for use exclusively in the bedroom or secretly under a summer dress, you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re made with care, made with quality, and made to make you feel amazing.
Bluebella lingerie - Emerson Bra, Suspender, Thong and Plain-top Stockings
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