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Shopping Bag

This International Women’s Month, we will be donating $1 AUD from every order on www.bluebella.com.au to support the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund.

Here at Bluebella our driving ethos is the celebration every woman, and we are proud to make lingerie and create campaigns that empower women and support this aim. We challenge industry norms with our vision of strength and independence. However, we are aware that for many there are far more urgent needs to be met to achieve this goal, with inequality and poverty still looming large in the lives of many women and their families.

This International Women’s Month we are proud to team up with Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, with $1AUD from every order on www.bluebella.com.au going to this incredible organisation. Founded in 2007, Women’s Global is a non-profit providing women in northern Uganda with access to microcredit loans, business and leadership development training as well as health and literacy initiatives. Using micro-financing together with Leadership Development and Literacy and Health Initiatives, the women they serve are able to become independent, and empowered figures of the community. WGEF’s goal is to create mechanisms of change to increase women's participation through Leadership Development Initiatives, to promote advocacy, activism, and long-term sustainability for the women they serve.

A central aspect of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is the concept of microfinance. Microfinance is the promotion of small scale entrepreneurship by extending credit to those who would not normally have access to traditional banking and lending institutions. Using the ideas of group lending, collective liability and community participation, microfinance programmes enable people to lift themselves out of the poverty that exists in much of the global south with an eye on longevity of solution. Women’s Global saw the potential of microfinance as a tool for poverty alleviation, and realised that when paired with social capital building programmes the impact can be revolutionary.

WGEF aims to advance the participation, access, and voice of women in their communities in post conflict northern Uganda, where women are rebuilding their lives. The motivation behind the program is based on the belief that women are natural leaders, and when given opportunities, are able to determine their own futures, play an important role in their communities and countries, and rise above poverty with dignity. To celebrate International Women’s Month, $1AUD from your order on www.bluebella.com.au will go to Women’s Global to help communities change and thrive.

Whether through microfinance, a literacy programme or developing leadership skills, Women’s Global aims to empower women to pave the way to a brighter and better future for everyone.

Read more about the amazing work of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund