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#loveyourself behind the scenes

Written by - Bluebella


The #loveyourself shoot was one of our most fun campaign shoots to date. A super early start and not wrapping up until the evening, it was a long day for both crew and talent. Thankfully everyone involved was a dream to work with, pulling together to make this very special project happen.

In front of the camera we had our four stunning models, Ali, Olivia, Laura and May. Each one brought a wonderful energy to the shoot, and opened up talking to us about the importance of body-positivity in their lives and developing healthy relationships not only with those around you but also with yourself!
As well as our #goals squad of models we also had a wonderful, female-led team behind the camera. Taking the lead on the shoot was our photographer and director Elizabeth Hoff, returning to work with us after shooting our dreamy SS20 campaign images. Elizabeth is a creative who isn’t afraid of working on projects that make and demand change, having directed Drowning In Plastic, tackling climate change and plastic waste, and Fixing or Fixated, which looks at mental and physical health. As such, she was a natural choice to work with us on #loveyourself, which seeks to inspire and change how we talk about body image.

As well as Elizabeth we worked with the fabulous celebratory make-up artist Ruby Hammer. With a career in the beauty industry spanning over 25 years, Ruby has become one of the best-known, loved and respected makeup artists in the business. She strongly believes that make up shouldn’t have to be a mask, and she urges people to use make up to emphasise their best features and to embrace what is unique about their face.

So whilst the day was long and the campaign message is weighty and important, the main energy in the studio was playful and optimistic. There was plenty of laughter and a lot of fun – who said you couldn’t change the world and have a good time doing it?

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