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How To Gift Lingerie For Christmas

Written by - Bluebella


Gifting lingerie for Christmas is a wonderful idea. What better way to show your love for someone than by giving them something beautiful they can wear next to their heart? #melts

However, we all know an idea that is perfect in theory can be perilous in practice, especially when dealing with something as intimate as underwear. This guide covers the unwritten rules of the art of the lingerie Christmas gift, helping you avoid the pitfalls of pants as presents.



Allow us to make one thing super clear: lingerie is a gift to give someone that you know, preferably someone that you know really rather well. A girlfriend, a relative. A close friend, an enemy that you are keeping closer. You get the idea.

You may not purchase lingerie as part of the Office Secret Santa. You. May. Not. This will only go down badly – please trust us on that and step away from that plan.

Socks, yes. Thongs, no.



So you’ve decided to go for it, to express your love for this person you know well with a lingerie Christmas gift. That’s beautiful, but here arises another common pitfall – style and design. This depends again on your relationship to the person, but also on their own personal style. If your girlfriend is into sporty bodysuits, buying her a provocative two-piece set might send the wrong message.

Bree & Wren
Different vibes: a demonstration

The best thing to do is to match your purchase with styles you know she already loves, whether that is classically seductive lingerie, cosy nightwear or something fashion-led and on-trend. If it’s in-keeping with what she already loves and wears, you can’t go too far wrong.

Emerson & Nova


Once you know where you’re at with the kind of style you’re looking for, the next thing to be sure about is the all-important size. The key sizes to know are dress size and bra size. Briefs and thongs will usually be in dress sizes, such as 10, or sometimes pieces will be in S, M and L. Bra sizes are a little different, with a cup size indicated by a letter (e.g. C) and a band size indicated by a number (e.g. 32).

Priscilla Red

Again your best bet will be to look at what she already wears – take a look in her delicates drawer if you can to find the correct sizes. If in doubt, it is better to ask and get something in the right size than to take a guess. Nothing is more uncomfortable and sad than ill-fitting lingerie, so believe us when we say getting it right beats the surprise factor every single time.

Most lingerie websites offer helpful sizing guides translating across the different types of sizes, so always check the guide if you’re unsure.


A lingerie Christmas gift doesn’t have to be a bra and knickers – there are so many different styles of lingerie, from bodysuits to basques to nightwear. Not only are some of these safer options in terms of sizing, they may feel like a better gifting fit – a beautiful satin kimono may feel like a more appropriate present for your aunt than an open-cup lingerie set…


Nightwear is an excellent gift, with plenty of different styles to choose from. A delicious satin shirt and trouser set makes a wonderful, luxurious gift for those who like to spend the entire weekend in loungewear, whilst a cami and short set or a one-piece teddy is perfect for the fashion-followers and Instagram-fiends.



Everyone loves a kimono – there’s something about the slinky feel and the relaxed fit that instantly creates a luxurious sensation. They make a beautiful lingerie Christmas gift without being overtly lingerie, too, meaning that they can be gifted to anyone and everyone – the dream emergency gift if you’re not sure what to get for someone you want to impress.

Nyane Kimono


Basques are the perfect gift for someone who is into classic lingerie silhouettes, working with a cinched waist look and suspender straps. Go for an wired basque for a supportive cup, or a soft cup basque for a gentler look (and a more forgiving fit if you’re not 100% on cup sizes).



Bodysuits are a one-piece wonder. They make the ideal lingerie Christmas gift for those fashion-forward humans in your life, as they are perfect for rocking the underwear as outerwear trend. We like to think of them as secret superhero suits, so if you know anyone with superpowers this is the gift for them!



For a romantic lingerie Christmas gift, a matching two-piece set cannot be beaten. There’s something so exquisitely luxurious about wearing matching lingerie, a feeling of confidence and capability that is simultaneously indulgent and front-footed. As long as you are careful with the sizing, particularly of the bra if it is underwired, a two-piece set can be a showstopping Christmas gift for all the right reasons.


Happy Christmas from everyone at Bluebella, and may your lingerie Christmas gifts be merry, bright, and the right size xoxo
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